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Cash Kings: 3 TSX Stocks That Pay Monthly

These monthly dividend stocks offer steady and predictable income and high yields, making them attractive to investors seeking regular cash flow. The post Cash Kings: 3 TSX Stocks That Pay Monthly appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

Lottery winner explains the basic maths which saw him win 14 jackpots

It’s common knowledge these days that the odds of someone winning the lottery are pretty miniscule. An often-cited statistic is that you’re more likely to be struck by lightning and die than choose the lucky ticket. When there are millions of possible combinations for a lottery ticket then, well, you’d need to buy a lot of lottery tickets if you wa...

New study shows Canadians are fed up with tipping, expert weighs in

A new survey by Lightspeed Commerce finds Canadians are tipping less, but some are still tipping to avoid looking cheap. Jaime Peters clears up how and when to tip.

2 Canadian ETFs to Buy and Hold Forever in Your TFSA

ETFs like iShares Canadian Quality Dividend ETF (TSX:DIV) have delivered admirable total returns. The post 2 Canadian ETFs to Buy and Hold Forever in Your TFSA appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

SNEAK PEEK | Parker Investigates $300 Million Bankrupt Mine In Brazil | Gold Rush: Parker's Trail

Subscribe to Discovery UK for more great clips: Searching for new gold-rich ground, Parker investigates a gold mine that received over $300 million in investment but went bankrupt shortly afterwards. #GoldRushParkersTrail #DiscoveryUK 🇬🇧 Catch full episodes of your favourite Discovery Channel shows on discovery+: From Season 7 Episode 4. Follow Discovery UK on Twitter:

Inflation is cooling, why are Canadians still so stressed out financially?

Despite significant progress in the Bank of Canada’s efforts to bring annual inflation down, a new survey shows that Canadians are feeling more stressed-out financially than two years ago. Anne Gaviola has more on the cumulative effect of the high cost of living and rapidly-rising interest rates on household budgets.

Psychology of money and its impact on our lives

Money plays a significant role in our lives, and to accumulate wealth, it is necessary to understand the psychology of money. RBC-Ukraine reports, citing the Instagram page of the psychological portal Meclee, about the characteristics that distinguish people with significant wealth and how changes in attitudes and thinking are reflected in earnings...

My homeowners insurance dropped me after I filed 2 claims in 5 years, and it taught me 3 lessons I wish I'd learned sooner

Anne-Lyse Wealth says she would have paid of out pocket for a roof repair if she'd known her insurance company would drop her.

How to Earn a TFSA Paycheque Every Month and Pay No Taxes on it

Stocks like First National Financial (TSX:FN) pay you monthly. You can also earn monthly dividends through portfolio diversification. The post How to Earn a TFSA Paycheque Every Month and Pay No Taxes on it appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

Meet the typical HENRY: Urban 32-year-olds with no kids who make a six-figure income and have a college degree

The typical HENRY — high earner, not rich yet — is 32, lives in a city, and makes six figures, though many don't feel financially secure.

5 hidden costs of homeownership that make me want to rent forever

When you buy a home, you know you'll have to pay your mortgage, taxes, and insurance. But what about outdoor maintenance, and surprise HOA fees?

How To Build Wealth From Nothing

Start Your Own Cashflow Business from Zero: Plug N Play: How To Start A $100k/Year Online Business (FAST) Connect With Me On Other Platforms: Instagram: @imangadzhi Twitter: @GadzhiIman Chapters: 0:00 – 1:00 What is a Cashflow Business 1:01 – 1:53 The 3 Parts of This Video 1:54 - 2:34 [PART 1] What Creates Money 2:35 – 9:44 Products vs Services: Which One Should You Sell? 9:45 – 16:15 Cashflow vs Enterprise Value: The 2 Types of Businesses 16:16 – 16:54 [PART 2] The Fundamentals of a Cashflow Business 16:55 – 19:45 The Types of Cashflow Business 19:46 – 23:25 The Big Shift We're Currently Experiencing... 23:26 – 28:13 How To Find Blue Ocean Markets (LIVE Example) 28:14 – 29:19 How To Become a Cashflow Master 29:20 – 30:23 [PART 3] Step-By-Step Process: How To Do It In Practice 30:24 – 31:28 Step #1: How To Set It Up 31:29 – 36:51 Step #2: How To Deliver a Service Without Knowing How To Do It 36:52 – 39:26 Step #3: The Key to Everything You Want in Life 39:27 – 40:21 Why Businesses Are Willing To Pay You $1,000s a Month 40:22 – 41:09 A Word of Warning... 41:10 – 42:09 How to NOT Get Results With This 42:10 – 42:12 The 2 Options 42:13 – 43:00 The Hard Path 43:01 – 56:23 The In-Depth Plan To Go From 0 To $10,000/Month 56:24 – 57:51 How to Start a $10,000/Month Business

Passive Income: How to Make $106 Per Month Tax Free

Holding quality, high-yield dividend stocks such as Freehold Royalties in a TFSA can help you earn tax-free income for life. The post Passive Income: How to Make $106 Per Month Tax Free appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

The Bullish Market Left These 3 Stocks Behind, But They’re Buys Right Now

The bullish market left Air Canada (TSX:AC) stock behind. The post The Bullish Market Left These 3 Stocks Behind, But They’re Buys Right Now appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

Good News for Small Creators...

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How French Cinema Works

Go to for 10% off your first purchase. MY BOOK IS ON SALE: Support Nerdwriter videos: Subscribe: Watch the most popular Nerdwriter episodes: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: SOURCES & FURTHER READING CNC Bilan 2022 Jonathan Buchsbaum, "Exception Taken" Sarah Walkley, "To what extent can France continue to defend the cultural exception in the digital age?" Jens Ulff-Møller, "Hollywood's Film Wars With France" French Cinema, A State Affair: History of Cinema and Public Policies from WWII to the Digital Age Ruth Vasey, "The World According To Hollywood" US Film Tax Incentives Map MUSIC (Via Epidemic Sound) Drizzle Rider - Ted Beattie Domestic - DEX 1200 Progressive Progress - Howard Harper-Barnes Ascent - Martin Landh ICONS (via Flaticon)" title="television icons" Television icons created by Pixel perfect - Flaticon" title="netflix icons" Netflix icons created by Pixel perfect - Flaticon" title="dvd icons" Dvd icons created by Pixel perfect - Flaticon" title="tickets icons" Tickets icons created by iconixar - Flaticon" title="screen icons" Screen icons created by iconixar - Flaticon" title="cd icons" Cd icons created by iconixar - Flaticon Watch More Nerdwriter: Latest Uploads: Understanding Art: Essays About Art: Essays About Social Science: Popular Videos: The Nerdwriter is a series of video essays about art, culture, politics, philosophy and more.

6 Ways Middle Class Retirees Are Bleeding Money Every Month

Retirement should be relaxing and stress-free. But, retirees are not immune to rising costs. Once you've paid for all your necessary expenses, you might have less money for discretionary expenses than...

Forces in Physics - Gravity, Friction, Tension & Vectors

Forces in physics are fundamental concepts that describe how objects interact with one another and influence their motion. This video provides a comprehensive overview of different types of forces and their roles in the physical world. The video begins with an introduction to the concept of force, defining it as a push or pull that can cause an object to accelerate, decelerate, or change direction. You'll learn about the units of force, primarily the Newton (N), and how force is represented as a vector quantity with both magnitude and direction. Various types of forces are explained, including gravitational force, frictional force, tension, normal force, and applied force. Each type is illustrated with real-world examples to show how they affect the motion of objects. The video also covers the concepts of balanced and unbalanced forces, explaining how they determine whether an object remains in equilibrium or changes its state of motion. Step-by-step demonstrations and visual aids help to clarify how forces interact according to Newton's Laws of Motion. Common scenarios, such as objects at rest, objects in motion, and objects experiencing multiple forces, are analyzed to provide a deeper understanding. Ideal for students, teachers, and anyone interested in physics, this video breaks down complex ideas into easy-to-understand segments. By the end, you'll have a solid grasp of the various forces at play in the physical world and how they govern the behavior of objects. More Lessons: Twitter:

Air Canada cuts 2024 core profit forecast as over-capacity impacts prices

(Reuters) - Air Canada cut its full-year core profit forecast on Monday, as over-capacity in certain markets and competition on international routes impacted its pricing power, sending its shares down nearly 4% in morning trade. A rush among carriers to cash in on summer travel demand has forced airlines to offer discounts on tickets to fill their planes. The updated forecast reflects the lower

RC V8 Car w/ SUPERCHARGER & Auto Gearbox!

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Top 10 most expensive US states to live in – see if yours makes the list

7 Construction Math Hacks: Estimating & More

Math is power... especially in construction. You can dive as deep as you want into mathmatics as a carpenter and many times, the more you know, the more you make. The math shortcuts in this video are not complicated. Anyone can do them and every carpenter needs to be able to. Here's another fun math hack: Free Starter Blacksmithing Tool List Free Guide - 100 Tools Every Craftsman Must Have Enjoy EC? Learn about Essential Craftsman Academy! This is the best way to support Essential Craftsman and you get a LOT of perks as a bonus. Check it out. PODCAST👇 Spotify Apple Stitcher YouTube Second Channel (Podcast video, family, misc content) If you are going to hire a contractor for a big project PLEASE read our ebook first! T Shirts, Hoodies, and other Merch: Instagram Twitter Facebook Amazon Affiliate Links: Amazon Store Makita 18v Impact 4 ft level Utility Knife Palm Nailer Spencer Tape Carpenter Bags Belt Hammer Tape Measure Skil Saw Video Equipment and Misc. Main Camera Secondary Camera Microphone (for narration from office) Wireless Microphone Other Wireless Microphone Tripod GoPro GoPro Tripod Battery Bucket ActionPacker

The cost of dating in Metro Vancouver

Dating in Metro Vancouver has its unique challenges. With the cost of living on the rise, the balancing act of impressing your date and staying on budget is getting harder to manage. To take a look at how to date this summer without breaking the bank, CBC’s Dan Burritt is joined by relationship and dating expert Amy Chan.

Avoid This CPP Pension Mistake That Can Cost Retirees Thousands

CPP users must understand the program mechanics fully to avoid a costly pension mistake. The post Avoid This CPP Pension Mistake That Can Cost Retirees Thousands appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

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7 Life Lessons I Know at 30 But Wish I Knew at 20

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Millionaires reveal 8 frugal habits that helped them get rich

Homeowners, realtors should take steps to protect against title fraud: experts

It's been years since you finished paying off your mortgage, so the letter in the mail from a bank saying you're in default and now owe money comes as a shock. Not only did you not take out another mortgage on your property, you've never even dealt with that bank before. Yet the documents you're presented with say otherwise. At this point, you real...

Two-thirds of Canadians 'desperately' need interest rates to go down: MNP survey

CALGARY — A new survey says the Bank of Canada's recent interest rate cut did little to change Canadians' negative perceptions about their personal finances.

chocolate is getting more expensive, here’s why

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How Republicans will try to hold Biden’s campaign war chest hostage

How Republicans will try to hold Biden’s campaign war chest hostage - Trump-allied officials and attorneys appear to be ready for a legal fight that experts say will go nowhere

Salary Story: I Went From $175,000 To $245,000 With Just One Job Change

In our series Salary Stories, women with long-term career experience open up about the most intimate details of their jobs: compensation. It’s an honest look at how real people navigate the complicated world of negotiating, raises, promotions and job loss, with the hope it will give young people more insight into how to advocate for themselves — and maybe take a few risks along the way. Been in the workforce for at least five years and...

70 Small Towns You Could Retire/Live on $1500 A Month

70 Small Towns You Could Retire on $1500 A Month Are you thinking about retirement someday? Most of us would like to but these days many of us can't. It is too expensive and we didn't invest enough into our retirement planning. Today's video might help. We did a series of this video back in 2020, the prices have changed a little but it hasn't changed so much that it isn't doable for most. Enjoy the video and don't forget the thumbs up. Do you need a local Realtor for the area you want to move to? can help: Use this link: Sponsorship Inquiries: [email protected] 🔶My Other Channels: 📺 On This Day: @AboutToday 🏡Suite Life For Briggs: @SuiteLife4Briggs MY OTHER SOCIALS: Facebook- X-@World2Briggs Instagram-@world2briggs #UnitedStates

Auto insurance premiums rising: What can Canadian drivers do to trim the bill?

Drivers in Canada are facing a surge in auto insurance premiums despite a 17 per cent decrease in the national auto theft rate this year. According to a recent survey by, 48 per cent of respondents reported a significant increase in their auto insurance costs. Anne Gaviola explores why premiums are rising now and how drivers can try to limit their impact on household budgets.

Canadians living in Japan hitting financial roadblock

A Canadian man who is living abroad in Japan reached out to Speakers Corner after running into troubles trying to transfer money from his Canadian bank account. Pat Taney reports.

Ukraine reaches preliminary deal with bondholders on debt restructuring

Kyiv has reached an agreement in principle with some of its creditors to restructure the country's external debt, amounting to around $23 billion, the authorities said on July 22. Ukraine struck a deal with its creditors at the onset of the Russian full-scale invasion to postpone the payments due to the war's pressure on the country's economy. The ...

Gen Z’s debt load is surging. Here’s why, and how they can manage it

Younger Canadians may be feeling a bigger burden from higher interest rates than older cohorts, with a new report from TransUnion showing millennials are holding the largest share of debt in the country. Katherine Dornian reports.

5 Canadian Cities Where You Can Buy Luxury Homes For $100,000 or Less

Canadians are on the move -- perhaps more than ever before. Several factors are at play - including remote work and rising housing costs. Be Aware: 10 Dangerous Cities You Shouldn't Buy a Home in No...

I inherited $15,000 and had fun with it. Then I inherited six figures a few years later and was more strategic — here's what I learned.

Gina Knox inherited the $15,000 left in her college fund when she graduated. Six years later, she received another $113,000 when her grandma died.

McDonald's to extend $5 value meal, Bloomberg News reports

(Reuters) - Burger chain McDonald's would continue to offer $5 value meal at most of its U.S. restaurants beyond the initial four-week window, Bloomberg News reported on Monday citing a company memo. McDonald's meal offer kicked off on June 25 as promotions ramped up across fast-food chains seeking to attract cash-strapped customers. About 93% of McDonald's locations have committed to selling

What's cheaper, EV or gas? This scholar crunched the numbers

Where you live and how much you drive each day matters when it comes to the cost-effectiveness of an electric vehicle, compared to gas. to A new UBC study crunches the numbers.

Boeing is losing $1 billion a month with planes awaiting parts - and they are sitting in employee parking lots

Boeing is losing $1 billion a month with planes awaiting parts - and they are sitting in employee parking lots - Supply chain issues have caused delays with some parts Boeing needs to finish planes

'Make a day out of it': How to save money on cross-border shopping

For Richard Khairov, a shopping trip to the U.S. is a short drive — two hours or less — from his home in Richmond Hill, Ont., just north of Toronto.

‘A big green light to cut’: What to expect from the Bank of Canada this week

The Bank of Canada is set for another interest rate decision on Wednesday, with most economists and market watchers betting on another cut. Here's what to expect.

Paying off my mortgage early didn't seem smart — until I started talking to people who had done it

She'd always thought investing extra money was the better move, but she changed her mind because of the freedom and savings a payoff could bring.

The ‘tax-free trap’: How a simple phrase skews Canadians’ savings choices

While a rose by any other name may smell as sweet, Shakespeare’s famous maxim does not hold up when talking about tax-sheltered savings plans. Our new research finds that people are more likely to choose a plan that has the words “tax-free” in the title, regardless of the details in fine print. Canada has two main tax-sheltered savings plans that encourage people to put money away for retirement and other expenses. Since being introduced in...

I Achieved A Big Goal Of Mine

I get a high when I hit my goals, it’s awesome and I wanna keep setting new goals and keep getting that high. I like making videos, it’s fun. Follow me here: Instagram ► Twitter ►

Why Canadian Investors Should Consider Investing in U.S. Stocks

In my opinion, U.S. stocks should be a large component of a Canadian investment portfolio. The post Why Canadian Investors Should Consider Investing in U.S. Stocks appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

Here's when to book your summer vacation to get bang for your buck

It's two weeks from the first day of summer and Canadians are booking their vacations for the season. But after months of inflation and elevated interest rates, people are still looking for how to save money. Sean Previl reports on what tips experts have so you can get the best bang for your buck, including when's the best time to book.

China moves to pep up its slowing economy, lays out roadmap for its future

BANGKOK (AP) — China's ruling Communist Party released a 50-page roadmap addressing long-term challenges confronting the world's second-largest economy, while the central bank cut key interest rates Monday in a surprise move to pep up the struggling property sector.