House Republican Oversight Committee Chairman Jim Comer verbally attacked U.S. Rep. Jared Moskowitz in what is being called a “meltdown” Tuesday afternoon, after the Florida Democrat brought up the alleged $200,000 loan Comer made to his brother. The Kentucky Republican has been accusing President Joe Biden and his family of criminal activity including loans he has baselessly claimed are covers for bribery.

“They went around and investigated all this b*llsh*t that Ian Sams is trying to tell people that only dumb financially illiterate people pick up on,” Chairman Comer, angrily gesturing toward Congressman Moskowitz while speaking about the Biden White House Counsel’s Office spokesperson, “and said that it was a shell company because it was an LLC.”

After then also verbally and directly attacking Moskowitz as “financially illiterate,” Comer went on to brag that the company he owns “manages over 1000 acres of land for hunting purposes.”

“It owns different properties. I’m one of the largest landowners in my home area. Okay. I went to the bank and I borrowed money and I bought that land. I didn’t get wires from Romania, China. My family doesn’t get wires. Okay, never loaned my brother money. Don’t have an LLC. But you and [Democratic Rep. Daniel] Goldman, who is Mr. Trust Fund, continue to try –”

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“Reclaiming my time,” Rep. Moskowitz interjected.

“No, I’m not gonna give you your time back. We can stop the clock,” Comer declared, before attacking Moskowitz again. “You look like a Smurf here just going around and all this stuff now.”

At that point Moskowitz tried to defend himself but Comer continued to attack him.

Moskowitz then pointed to Comer’s numerous TV interviews where he “said the President did something illegal. You did stuff with your brother, and the American people have the same question.”

“Why should they believe you?” Moskowitz continued. “Why should they believe you? There’s there’s a different rule for the president and there’s a different rule for you? Why should they believe what you’re saying? Mr. Chairman, why? You go on Fox News and say, ‘loans and deals are a way to evade taxes, we don’t know that’s what you’re doing or not? We don’t know. We have no idea. We’re supposed to take your word for it. But when the President says something –”

“You’ve already been proven a liar, Mr Moskowitz,” Comer declared.

“Who’s proven me a liar? You?” Moskowitz demanded to know.

“Yes,” Comer replied.

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After Comer claimed there was a “camera crew” in his hometown doing “opposition research” today, Moskowitz said, “Mr. Chairman that seems to have gotten under your skin. I think the American people have lots of questions, Mr. Chairman, and perhaps you should sit maybe for a deposition.”

“I will be happy, I will sit with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and we can go over our LLCs,” Comer promised.

Last week, The New Republic reported, “House Oversight Chair James Comer is mad about one particular detail in Joe Biden’s finances. Turns out he’s done the exact same thing.”

In response, several on social media have asked various versions of, “What is Comerhiding?”

Watch below or at this link.

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